Kids Rugs

Children’s rugs can be very cute and functional. They can also be used as art pieces in their rooms. If you’re unsure where to start, you can browse through the categories below and get some ideas. There are also many animals and other patterns available, such as leopard, elephant, and sheepskin. The Multi-Color Kids Area Rug has a hand-knotted design and is extremely soft. Aside from being a functional art piece, the RugKnots handcrafted rugs are elegant and modern. You can get them for free shipping from RugKnots.

Animal rugs

Animal rugs for kids are a perfect way to refresh your children’s rooms and nurseries. Choose from colorful zebra, monkey, giraffe, elephant, lion, tiger, or bear rugs to add an exciting new element to the nursery or children’s bedroom. You can even purchase smaller versions for around the baby’s crib or changing table so they can keep their feet warm during diaper changes.

Sheepskin rugs

A sheepskin kids rug is a great way to provide a cozy, warm place to sit for your child while he or she plays. Sheepskin is 100% protein and regulates a child’s temperature by allowing the skin to breathe. This natural material is also highly electrically conductive and eliminates muscular tension. The thick wool fibres keep the baby’s skin dry and cool.

Elephant rugs

An elephant rug can add a playful and sophisticated tone to your kid’s nursery or room. With its soft surface and easy-to-clean polypropylene pile, an elephant rug will flow naturally with your child’s room decor. A certified GoodWeave label ensures that no child labor was used, that working conditions were appropriate and that the company supported education programs for children. Whether your child’s room is small or large, a rug like this will be a welcomed addition.

Leopard rugs

If you want to make a statement in your child’s room, consider adding a leopard rug. These rugs are extra-soft and feature a leopard pattern with alternating short and long pile. They’re handmade in India using pure New Zealand wool. The leopard pattern is fun to look at, and they’re soft and comfy under your child’s feet. If you have a choice, you can also get your kid a leopard rug with an animal print if he or she doesn’t like it.

Woodland rugs

You can choose from a wide variety of woodland rugs for kids. Choose from the classic blue and green, or go for the brighter shades of yellow and green. Wool rugs are a great choice for transitional settings and are available in a variety of sizes and color combinations. They also have a low pile height that fits under furniture and provides some noise-canceling properties. Wool rugs may shed in the early stages, so it’s best to keep this in mind before buying.

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